Connecticut sculpture

James River

"Connecticut" is now owned by ODELL Architecture. It was originally built and installed in Washington D.C. in 1983 to honor Native Americans in the Capital of America. The name "Connecticut" comes from the Eastern Algonquin Indian word, "Quinnehtukqut", which means "beside the long tidal river". In Washington D.C., that was the Potomac River. In Richmond, it would be "The Yeokanta"...except this river where America began was re-named "The James River" by the English.... In Washington D.C. the original unveiling in 1983 was covered by The New York Times, Associated Press and national broadcast media.

Four years later... It was purchased from the sculptor and donated to the Diamond, Richmond's ballpark, where it became a city icon for 25 years. Now moving to the ODELL Building, atop the historic Lucky Strike Power Plant, "Connecticut" will overlook the James River tidal basin where the sculpture, once again, offers homage to our original Americans, beside the long tidal flow.

Washington D.C. site

Original DC site
proposed 1981

Best Products

Best Products, Washington D.C.
1983, 1984

The Diamond

Richmond Braves Ball Park
1985 - 2010

Lucky Strike building

Connecticut overlooking the James River tidal basin, 2010, the Historic Lucky Strike building
2700 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA