Richmond Waterfront Park

The James River
“Headman” a 14 foot tall bronze and wood boatman and ‘Batteau’ with a 23 foot long bronze ‘sweep’ or oar. In 1987, the DiPasquale won a tri-state design competition to “commemorate the African American contribution to Richmond’s waterways.” The original sculpture was done in fiberglass; it was stolen in 1988 and found 3 months later in a Hanover quarry where it had been used for target practice. The outraged community raised $24,000 and combined with insurance money was able to replace the statue and oar in bronze, re-sculpted by DiPasquale, in 1990. Two years later, this monument was chosen as the subject by the Richmond Flag Committee for the redesign of the City’s flag, which now depicts a boatman in red white and blue.