Clay Street, Richmond
Black History Museum of VAMr. Hill with bust
Oliver Hill maquettes
Oliver Hill bust to Virginia Historical Society

Oliver Hill, Authorized Bust

The original plaster proof was completed and donated to the Black History Museum of Virginia by Board Member, Paul DiPasquale, on Mr. Hill’s 90th Birthday, May 1, 1997; 1.3X life scale.

Funding Public Art in Bronze
In 1999, the sculptor produced a limited edition of 15 bronze miniatures of the Hill bust. He organized The Oliver Hill Monument Bust Committee made up of people or institutions which purchased one of the miniatures. This created budget paid for the Florentine Bronze casting of the Hill bust for public display and the cost for the limited edition of 15 Florentine bronze miniatures. The successful funding of the Hill Monument Bust coincided with Mr. Hill receiving The Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Clinton.

In 2001, The Virginia Historical Society hosted the celebration and presentation of the edition to the 15 purchasers. The Museum also announced their desire to purchase the Florentine casting of the Hill bust for their permanent collection. In effect, this allowed the money raised by The Oliver Hill Monument Bust Committee to pay for a second domestic casting to be given to the city of Richmond for public installation.

This second monumental bust, paid for in tax deductible, was accepted by the City of Richmond 2003. It was installed outside next to the Richmond Visitor’s Center at the newly expanded Richmond Convention Center at Third and Clay Street, just one half block from the original location of The Hill Tucker and Marsh Law Office.

The Oliver Hill Foundation
Oliver Hill grew up in Richmond and argued Brown VS Board of Education in 1954. This decision marked the integration of America’s Public Schools and was one of the many legal victories for civil rights argued for and won by Mr. Hill. A life time member of the NAACP, The Oliver Hill Foundation has been established to forward Legal excellence in civil rights.