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Twenty years after receiving a BFA in Graphic Design, I’m proud to say I have been continuously employed as an artist: creating print and digital art for far ranging products and services from florists, to trash cans, to travel destinations, to touchscreen applications that help patients check in quickly for their outpatient surgery. 

As a product engineer in the IT department of a large non-profit health system, I am the artist in a team of developers. My favorite projects include the challenge of consolidating complex processes to their visual and functional essence. I focus on creating a pleasing visual experience and intuitive flow within technology products. I enjoy going to hospitals and clinics to observe nurses, physicians and patients in order to capture the voice of the customer and determine how to balance user input with business goals. I value rapid prototyping to test hypotheses and monitoring the success of technology projects with post launch methods such as surveys. 

My goal is to continue making art and contributing meaningful work. I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the constant changes in technology and evolving work methodologies. I value the relationships and support of many technology networking groups that connect me with similar minds who are passionate about collaboration, creativity and continuous learning. I will pursue avenues that allow me to strengthen and validate my user experience skills garnered and honed over the past decade.

To know that someone in my community is interacting with a website or an app that I helped to create, at a time when they are looking for health and healing, is extremely rewarding.