Tami Buckman


Health & Wellness

Create a Health and Wellness app: validating its market fit and testing with users at all stages: from concept to design.

Inspired by several books that have been influential to me in the past year, I want to create a tool that supports essentialism (only committing to essential tasks each day) and the work involved in changing habits (either habit formation or habit breaking).

UX Phases

Product Vision

Help users: Accomplish the most important tasks each day. 

Assess how they are doing with a habit they are trying to foster or a habit they are trying to change.

The app will encourage users to do an End of the Day analysis:

How I spent my time: Successes, things not completed. 

Regrets or accomplishments with a habit and to create a plan for tomorrow.

Proto Personas

I developed 3 proto personas to understand user needs and motivations.

Persona 3

Social senior:

Getting back into dating.

Starting to feel like he’s forgetting things. 

Wants to be better about remembering

names and conversations.


Easy to use, large fonts


Reduce cursing 

Learn how to use Twitter

Mom Persona

Busy mom:

Doesn’t have time for everything,

has to focus on what’s essential


Wants a helpful tool for managing the household, nothing overly complicated or time consuming.


30 minute walk after dinner 

Schedule pediatrician appointment 

Research Baby Jogger prices 

Take a shower

Persona 1

Young adult:

Finding direction in life.

Making a major life transition to adulthood, independence.

Recently rented first apartment.


Reminders for when bills are due. Help me balance work and fun.


Pay a bill 

Clean the apartment 

Grocery shop 

Call my mom

User Stories

As a Social Senior, I want …

… to learn the tenets of essentialism so that I can see if it will help me accomplish my goal of being more focused. 

… step-by step-directions for a new app so I that don’t have to ask someone technical for help and I can feel capable. 

User Flow Account Set Up

User Flow: Account Set Up

User Stories

As a Busy Mom, I want …

… to only focus on a few tasks each day since my time is spread thin caring for others so that I feel like I accomplished the most important items.

… to postpone a task so that I can be flexible and make adjustments if my day gets off track.

… to write down a plan for the next day the night before so I can get a better night’s sleep with less things on my mind to remember. 

… to carve out a little time each day for myself for exercise and self care since I want to stay healthy while caring for others. 

User Flow End of Day Download

User Flow: End of Day DownLoad

User Stories

As a Young Adult, I want …

… to celebrate when I complete the necessary tasks so that I can spend the rest of my day having fun.

… to get into the habit of eating at home more often so I can save money and be a better cook.

… feedback on how well I am doing with completing daily tasks and fostering a healthy habit so I can have confirmation that I am doing well living on my own in my first apartment. 

User Flow Progress

User Flow: Progress Report

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Account Set Up | End of Day Download | Progress Report

User Testing

Test Objectives

Evaluate the concept of smart phone app based on the tenets of Essentialism and the work involved in making habits. Test 3 key tasks within the app to confirm the steps are intuitive. 

Test Structure

After qualifying 5 participants through a screener survey, conduct 30 minute individual recorded Zoom meetings asking testers to complete 3 task flows through a medium fidelity prototype of the app: 

1: Set Up Account 

2: Complete your first End of Day DownLoad 

3: View your history with the app

Medium fidelity prototype

Profiles of Testers

This app appeals to users of many ages: from young adults trying to stay focused on the essential tasks they must remember to live on their own for the first time, to busy parents juggling way too many responsibilities, to seniors wanting easy ways to remember what is on their daily To Do List. My testers represented each of these age groups. 

Stats on Testers

User Testing: 3 Key Findings

Testing Outcomes

Design System

Iterative refinements were made to the prototype including a design system of branding elements and components.

Design System

High Fidelity Prototype

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Photography by Raw Pixel.